Apr 1, 2012


Every place has a name that, in a way, connects to its own essence. Wanli was the name of an old chinese emperor from the Ming dynasty. A white and blue dish coming from that dynasty is hanging on the wall near the paraphernalia of things: leather sofas, an old phone and record player, a huge pile of Time Out magazines, a forgotten fireplace and a weird fountain thing with orange fishes happily swimming inside.

As for drinks, Martini Rosé with lemon and ice goes for 3€ and a Rosé Port Wine with orange, mint and ice goes for 3.50€. Chips came for free, served with a big smile and a german accent, yes, for me that counts too.

The selection of toasts is pretty interesting and they are made with good bread. Prices go from 1.5€ to 3€, the daily dish costs 5€ and the soup 2€, the cake recipes are from the owner's 6th ex-wife and come from the XVIII century. How do I know this? Just ask him and he will tell you a lot of interesting things, after all, he is an art history teacher.


A thing about the neighborhood of Santos: it is mostly about disco bars, and the majority of people here are from High School. This is the number one place for kids to start going out at night (we all have been through that). Then, when you reach college, you go to Bairro Alto. But if for some reason you feel like being around this area and you are up for a more quiet evening, Wanli is perfect.

Open form monday to saturday, from 10h to midnight.

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