Apr 16, 2012

Café da Dança/Mezzanine (2)

You can find the first post about this place here.

This time I arrived with the idea of eating something cooked for lunch. I arrived at 13h because I knew this was the cooking lady arrival time. Bring the chicken salad! With egg! All boiled! But wait... No pasta?

I found this place's biggest flaw: there is always something missing. Always some kind of problem that forbids us to take our order until the end. But I am confident that one day I will manage to ask and get everything I want! Anyway, the only thing I can't stand is arrogance, other than that, it is useless to be mad at something like this, we just adapt.

In the end the salad was amazing and had a lot of different ingredients. In the middle of the meal I got to see my napkin carried away by the unscrupulous wind. I waved him goodbye while I search my pockets for any type of tissue: out of luck. My salad leaves also started to fly, light food (in the literal sense) is quite dangerous in this conditions.

The goiaba (guava) juice I asked for was one of the best juices I had in a long time. Perfect! For 1.80€ it felt good to contradict my usual coffee with milk.

Outside space pictures ended up worse than I expected but I thought that it would still be nice to show them. Don't be chocked by the plastic chairs, the great food and the sun compensate everything!

All this aversion to complaining reminded me of a video, just enjoy the nice things, because Everything is Amazing and Nobody is Happy.

Open from 11h to midnight.

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