Apr 28, 2012

Love Store (closed)

I've been hearing about these brunches for quite some time already. The name suggests a romantic evening. This is also a saturday-only chance because saturday is brunch day and there is not much more to say about it.

The weather was like an annoying kid that day, having chilly moments intercalated with warm sunny light, making you confused whether you should stay in or go outside.


The store/café is small place with a first floor and a basement dedicated to selling home products. In the main floor there are some food stuffs for sale but it is mainly were they feed the hungry people that come by. Like me.

The brunch can be manipulated to taste offering choices in the juice, warm drink and two extra delicacies. Meaning the only constant is a cloth bag with three small breads (one with poppy seeds, one with sesame seeds and one with olives) and a board with butter, strawberry jam, ham, cheese, nuts and honey.

The juice pretty much depends on the daily offer, the three options were the red berry vitamin juice, the orange juice and the pineapple and manjorana juice. As hot drink we could chose between coffee (and its variants) and the daily tea.

We can chose two of these: pancakes with banana and honey, cake of the day, salty muffin, vegetable patty, beaten eggs and natural yogurt with cereal and fruit. I went with apple cake and the yogurt. Well, the yogurt was not up to my taste, the fruit was, for me, too acid for the sweet texture of the latter (it was orange and kiwi). These are so watery they make the yogurt watery.

The totally price is 12€ for a one person brunch, but it is easy split by two. For 6€ each, you better not leave a single crumb.

Open everyday from 9h to 19h.

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