Apr 14, 2012

Grémio do Carmo (closed)

"Grémio" means something like a communion or association, it is entered quite secretly through a stamp shop on Carmo street or a Merrel shoe store on Ouro street.

A lot of nice stuff makes up the decoration of this hidden gem: toys, a chalk board, a black sofa, some do-it-yourself type chairs, a pony swing, a bicycle, a library, and a long table with compartments for oils and condiments, the type that invites people to have a conversation with random strangers.

Some of the things here are old material from the bookstore in Carmo that close recently. From books, to furniture, to label tags with weird categories like "liver diseases" or "therapeutic". I like the irony of it. There are some more interesting details, the flasks for condiments, the boxes that serve as book shelves, the lights, the wall decoration. It is a tiny place, but still it manages to have 3 separate areas at once.


A smoked salmon sandwich costs 3€ and it always comes with a water jug (it is a very nice but also useful detail). In the menu was some unseen stuff (for me): filter coffee, ginger beer, sparkling juices, I want to try everything.

Open from mondays to saturdays, from 10h to 20h. Closes on sundays.

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