Apr 1, 2012

A Merendeira

Merenda is a name of a salty pastry but it is also the name spanish give to the snack meal taken between lunch and dinner. This is usually the place where youngsters crash in the late hours of the night, after much drinking and no eating, to have a proper fill up. It is, for me, the best bread with choriço in the world, and it costs 2€.

Why are these the best ones? Well:
- They have a lot of chorizo;
- They are just out of the wood oven;
- They have flourish dough;
- The dough is not very baked so it is super soft;
- The wrinkly texture of bread;
- They are giant;
- They are soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside;
- They feed you well;
- They are cheap for the quality they have;
- They are REALLY good.

The place has large doors and it is spacey. They also have Caldo Verde (green cabbage soup), Arroz Doce (sweet rice), Pastéis de Bacalhau (codfish fried croquette?) and some more stuff. But the bread... Take the bread!

Open from monday to friday, from 11h to 7h in the morning.

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