Apr 21, 2012

O 28

This is a nice corner bar in the Mercês area. It has a peculiar geographical situation which makes the place itself also a bit different as it adapts cleverly to the wall that supports it. Also, the logo itself, cut on an iron board, has the same adaptation quality.

When you come in you enter a small breezy area with some chairs and the drinks counter. There isn't much space but a small amount of people can fit here and a bigger group can fit downstairs. This last room I can classify as DIY meets moroccan meets surrealism. The chairs and chandeliers have a more clear oriental style, and it is also noticeable the unconventional materials (I love this sort of things) like the luminous buckets full of empty glass bottles giving a weird but cool light effect, which also contributes for the surrealism part, along with the paintings hanging on the wall.

We asked for two caipirinhas for 5.50€ each, but I don't know why, I hate this drink.

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