Apr 20, 2012

Grémio do Carmo (2)

You can find the first post about this place here.

Grémio is perfect so I don't mind writing again about how good it is. It is a small space full of life and character. This place is full of details that I keep on discovering. This time I noticed a little sled and the word Rosebud came to mind. I haven't seen Citizen Kane yet.


This time I came to try something new (and Grémio has a lot of creativity in terms of products) so I went for the beetroot muffin (1.50€). We were recomended the chocolate cake and mama's orange cake, but I am already bursting with chocolate at this point, beetroot sounds more interesting. My friend asked for a cold coffee with milk (same price as the cake) and I demanded my Little White Lies.

My personal favorite spot next to the library was already taken, so we sat in a little table to which we added an extra chair. Curious chair it was, assembled like a kinder egg prize.

Open from mondays to saturdays, from 10h to 20h. Closes on sundays.

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