Apr 19, 2012

Príncipe Real Garden

Príncipe Real's garden is not that big but it is diversified. One of the things I like the most are the benches circling the trunk of an old three while being covered by its shadow. The metallic structure serves as protection from the branches as they may tend to fall while the tree grows older.

It's a great place for couples to date, for singles to appreciate freedom from relationships, for drunk people to sleep and for doubtful characters to do weird stuff. Well, doesn't matter.

There is also a fountain with some interesting life forms (not really). A clumsy pigeon was dragging my attention to it due to its left paw being a little bit retarded, like he was constantly making the Angelina Jolie's move.

A little children park keeps the children entertained, some picnic tables are spaced across the way, and you can also go down some stairs to the Reservatório de Água Patriarcal Museum. There are some kiosks where you can drink delicious cold beverages made with syrup like capilé or groselha. I also read that the garden is now part of a digital garden web that has a hotspot for who wants access to internet. I give no guaranties.

And no words for what we found: someone was walking a bunny. A bunny! This was a first for sure.

Our path was shaped by the tiny streets filled with light and green, a modern take on what The Situationistes called dérive, we followed the sun.

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