Apr 13, 2012


I started in this place as a kid. I always associate it with mothers taking a coffee and croissant with their girl friends while the kids play hopscotch and other games in the patium... The croissants are what the house is famous for. They are small and glazed with sugar that then hardens making them very crunchy. When I was little I used to eat something called Hungarian Biscuits, they are round and yellow, and half of them is dipped in chocolate. Some get strawberry jam inside, but I never enjoyed fruit mixed with chocolate.

Eating outside is good with sunny weather but when the shadow comes and the cold takes over you have to make a big decision: either you endure it and eat peacefully or you have to prepare your ears for kids screaming inside. Which one would you choose?


Each croissant costs 1.20€. They are not stuffy, you can easily eat one more if you have a sweet tooth. And just so you know, "Careca" means bald. I don't know the point, but maybe the owner took a step in accepting he was getting older.

Open everyday except tuesday from 8h to 20h.

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