Apr 13, 2012

Wanli (2)

One needs to return when XVIII cakes are mentioned. I had a ham and brie toast: skinny, crunchy, creamy and full of oregano. They are not very feeling but good for a light lunch. A second dose was proposed to us for free if we still felt hungry, but instead we asked for dessert: an orange cake and a chocolate and ginger cake, dividing it between the two of us (that good old technique of the gluttons).

The orange one is really amazing, with two different textures. The chocolate cake is good but very heavy, even when split it felt it was hitting us like a rock. Like a dark chocolate mousse in cake format. This is the ideal cake for chocolate lovers.


We paid 8€ each in the end, which made me think that the cakes are a bit expensive. But still everything is totally worth it and I hope more places like this start to open as soon as possible. I kind of feel special, it is like personal treatment.

I noticed that when no one is around to serve, the owner just sits outside in the sun, smoking his cigar peacefully, staring at passerbys.

Open form monday to saturday, from 10h to midnight.

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