Apr 20, 2012


I found Geraldine through a magazine article. It's a cultural space which activities range from clothes sales and workshops to collective diners and free movie evenings. This is not a place you can simply pop in and have a drink. It works as an office by day and only turns into an event place when the owners feel like it.

Ringing a bell and climbing a flight of stairs to enter a stranger's house has some erasmus feeling to it, it is quite odd actually, the feeling that we should be there but at the same time we are invading someone's privacy. There are some closed doors, not because of lack of trust, but they simply have nothing to offer for the guests. A kitchen is a kitchen, there is nothing very exciting about it.

The living room was full of interesting objects: a caged Donald duck, a phone with no numbers, some artworks and old gadgets. It was movie evening and an old rare burlesque was projected in a panel. We had first line sits.


A Virgin in Hollywood tells the story of a young journalist that lacks experience, and so, as a way to get more mature, she is told to go to Hollywood and to write about her trip and discoveries. During this travel, she grows up both intelectual and sexually, becoming more confident about herself.

The actors act a bit in a forced and fake way, the dialogues seem too fantasizing, the emotions exaggerated and the movie cuts too obvious, this gives it a clumsy feeling that makes everything hilarious. It ends with the main character finishing her story and blinking an eye straight to the movie viewer, pure gold.

The familiarity of this experience was what I most appreciated. People would ring the bell and join the crowd that was already in the living room, saying hello to everyone. We were around 20 in the end, and everyone was there for the same reason. I have nothing but respect for this free initiatives.

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Open wherever there is an event announced! So stay tuned.

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