Apr 21, 2012

Tuareg (2)

You can find the first post about this place here.

There are other sheesha places but they are less popular, if I eventualy go there it will end up here in this blog for sure.

I had a lot of bad luck with drinks. My brain works like this: I like mango +  I like caipiroska (caipirinha with vodka) = I will like mango caipiroska. Actually, no. It is far too sweet and yucky. Tuareg is not a good place for cocktails I must warn you, so stay away from those. Go for the delicious milkshakes instead, for the tea (of course) or just for smoking narguila.

Facebook from Chiado's Tuareg Al-Andaluz
Open mondays and wednesdays from 15h to 24h and thursdays and saturdays from 17h to 2h in the morning. Telheira's Tuareg (the one mentioned in this post) it is open everyday form 20h to 2h in the morning.

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