Apr 26, 2012

S.Jorge's Pizza

There is always something happening in S.Jorge cinema: Indie, MotelX, Queer, DocLisboa, French Cinema Festival and many more. A pizza and a movie make a very nice arrangement so, as suggested by a friend, we went to try those tasty thin crusted beauties.

Prices are pretty accessible. We split two pizzas by three, and they have amazing names: 7.30€ is the cost of Quarto do Filho ("the bedroom of the son", made of zuchinni and tomato) and 7.70€ costs a Roma Cidade Aberta ("Rome Open City", with chouriço, tomato and pepper). I like the son's bedroom better, I wonder if they give them these names just to make us look perverted.

Also, a small beer costs 1.50€ and a lemonade is 1€.


Next to the eating place there is a small balcony that is usually filled with people in the movie evenings (smokers of course). But it is a nice place to get fresh air in the hot summer.

The short session ended up being an hour documentary on Kubrick and three awkward small episodes honoring him: one was making a homage of his likeness for Napoleon, other talked about the traumatic post war life of a soldier - I Am Not The Enemy - and lastly there was one showing the Hitler portrayed in the cinema through time and was called Conference Notes On Film 05.

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The regular schedule is wednesdays to saturdays from 15:30h to 22:30 and sundays from 13h to 18h. But during the festivals it changes according to the program.

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