Apr 15, 2012

Casual Lounge

I just added "lounges" category to my vines, although I am not quite sure of how to apply it, according to the dictionary:

lounge |lounj|
lie, sit, or stand in a relaxed or lazy way : several students were lounging about reading papers.
1. a public room, as in a hotel, theater, or club, in which to sit and relax.
• a spacious area in an airport with seats for waiting passengers : the departure lounge.
• short for cocktail lounge.
2. a couch or sofa, esp. a backless one having a headrest at one end.


Musicwise, this place's selections ranged through the oldies, from Cindy's Girls Just Want to Have FunDepeche Mode's Just Can't Get Enough and Footloose from Kenny Loggins, that don't seem to fit in the ambient sound category. At least for me it is impossible to hear this songs without a taping foot or some arms swinging to the sides.

Casual Lounge has amazing schedules and free internet. It is a great place to plunge deep into college work while having a cocktail. The only problem is its prices (even more expensive after 20h). I usually have a Martini Rosso for 3€. It is one of the cheapest, as the other drinks are around 5 or 6€ each. I got the Martini vice from a Sumer festival and every time I drink it I can't avoid thinking about this. I thought this series of advertisements was genius, from the times I still watched tv.

Toasts are reasonable sized and its prices range form 2 to 4 euros. Other great possibilities are the combined menus of buttered scones and tea for 2€. Of course I also ask the famous galão in this place, it costs me a bit to see 2€ fly away but... It's coffee.


The lounge also suffers from Starbucks syndrome: sometimes there is a couple in a humongous sofa. And when there is a couple around, no one stays less than 2 meters away.

Either ways, the lounge concept applies perfectly here in terms of atmosphere. The dimmed lights reflect in the mirror wall to add dimension and illuminate with less waste of electricity taking profit of the interior architecture.

The people are nice but not the most communicative, some times they didn't even know what was on the menu, but I rather have that than faces of despise.

Mondays to Saturdays from 16h to 2h, Sundays from 16h to midnight.

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