Apr 30, 2012

Poison d'Amour

Here lies the picture which portrays the cheapest choices in this trés trés chic teahouse. It was all I could manage to do before being spotted and forbidden of taking pictures by the owners. What are they afraid of? Aren't these breads beautiful? And they were all super tasty. I don't get it.

Little side note: don't try to combine a buttery with a chocolaty, the difference feels a bit aggressive to taste. The brioche was exquisite and the pain au chocolat was also good, but I would rather have chosen another thing.

In the picture I was able to spot several prices, so here they are anticlockwise starting with the loney pain au chocolat (1.90€), pães de deus (no price in sight), tarte groseilles and another which I can't spot the flavor (3.80€), brioche parisienne and brioche sucre (1.60€), croissants (1.60€), flan tart (2€ and something) and finally the pain aux raisins (2.20€).

Butter or jam costs and extra 0.60€, ham and cheese also have an extra cost but I did not ask for them this time.


Everytime there was no waiter around I took the chance to take a sneaky picture. We also asked for a croissant later (we were quite hungry). After we finished we took some time to explore the rest of the place. There is another vitrine with sweets but these are no lower than 3€ each and they look like the ones served in fancy dinners that have five layers and look like an art piece that we are ashamed to destroy.

Glass doors let the light in from the backyard. I go outside and take more pictures as a revenge, but this is a very lame way of being hardcore. The garden is surrounded by a clumsy green, enough to bring the stress volume down but in desperate need of a gardener.

Open from tuesday to friday from 8h to 20h and weekends from 9h to 20h.

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