May 3, 2012

Go Natural in Lx Factory

Lx Factory is filled with little places that look interesting, I keep thinking that I would really enjoy working in this place and take profit of the coworking environment. There is everything here so they end up financing each other.

Unfortunately, this is a common Go Natural. Pre-made meals that we can hit on a microwave or just take them plain cold. I am not picky: it is fast, accessible, a healthy "fast food" chain that grows proportionally to the"bio" trend. This is no rocket science. Anyway, its placement makes it more special then its siblings.

The nicest thing here is the upper floor that seems completely disconnected from the restaurant. It gives you privacy but it is quite empty so you may end up feeling that the space is too quiet. Anyway, for working concentration it's maybe a plus.

I no longer name meals by the way: there is hunger and the act of eating to satisfy the hunger.

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