May 9, 2012

Botequim da Graça

I wanted to find a nice place to talk. The night was perfect, the temperature was just right, not cold, not too hot. On a nice day, the little lettuces (the Lisbon people) come out of their caves. The Graça area was full of young folks that occupied all the nice spots with a view.


A quick inspection to Botequim's price menu revealed that they are probably one of the cheapest places around. So I decided to risk and ask for two house specials with a suggestive name: Céu de Lisboa (Lisbon Sky), which was a junction of orange juice with Licor Beirão and Muscat, and Subitamente no Verão (Suddenly in the Summer), with Porto wine, lemonade and mint. Their alcoholic content was pretty low. They are not good for drunkenness but for freshness.

All of the cocktails, with one or two exceptions costed, 3.50€. They had the Crioulo (watermelon and rum), the Botequim (wild berries and spirits), the Poncha (traditional Madeira drink) and a most expensive version of it with passion fruit (4€), sangrias, one with champagne and other with wine (2.50€), cold tea for 1€ and the other usual bar drinks.


Some people were also sitting by the door where they could profit a nice Summer breeze. Botequim is situated next to one of the most beautiful sightseeing places, so it is obligatory to stroll around it and watch the city from this geographic balconies, it has a meditative affect, and can maybe heal some disappointment caused by the politics in this country. At least we are beautiful.

Open from monday to friday from 16:30h to 2h and weekends from 14h to 2h.

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