May 22, 2012

Pastéis de Belém (Belém's Custard Tarts)

How silly is it that I didn't mention this place until now, and that I had never explore it like this before? I barely come here but it is the most touristic café there is, this place is actually cool and it has no end inside, I was surprised I can tell you.

I am not a fanatic for the Belém custard tart (pastéis de Belém) and the price is getting higher in a sneaky way (1.05€ for each, I remember being 80cents). I drank my usual coffee with milk (galão) and took annoying pictures while my friend was chewing this pre-historic recipe.

Meanwhile in a deep research I found somewhere that the secret was potato starch and a little pig fat on the dough. Hmmm...

This place is so crowded sometimes it gives me the idea of "the mass society":
- entering the place written in the tourist guide;
- stay on the queue and wait;
- look at random people until it reaches your turn;
- ask for the order in a newly acquired portuguese language basics;
- Wait for the package patiently;
- Scream at your children;
- Pay and say "owbereegahdow" (obrigado - thank you);
- Think her/his pronunciation is awesome;
- Sitting his/her fat ass in one of 600 tables;
- Feel medieval, fat and slightly portuguese due to eating a "pastel de Belém".
Note: this applies to portuguese people, except the thank you part, that sometimes doesn't exist.

I was looking everywhere to search for details and I noticed a hole in the ceiling with some clothes hanging. I don't know if it is part of decoration or some sacred beast that is living there and keeps the famous recipe under a guarding eye.

There are ancient relics, plates and vases, mosaics similar to my countryside house, old school registering machines, paintings, a weird fish and some foreign accents. We passed by all this and we left the sacred temple.

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