May 16, 2012

Jardim do Torel (Torel's Garden)


Wonderful Torel's garden, unmatched pearl of Lisbon, hidden in the middle of ascending grounds, stairs and hills that make us barf like old people. Beautiful houses covered with vines, abandoned buildings, walls full of graffiti art and the glimpse of a whimsical episcopal house which the highest tower has one stair missing.

I like this garden, it has space to lay down on the grass and stare at the sky, fountains, benches to sit on with small tables to put a meal, or your feet, wait, ew.

Last time I came I was wearing a white dress and a happy dog decided to jump on me with his paws filled with dirt. Amazing experience. The Rastafarian boys nearby were having a blast with my tortured look.


The garden's cafe is pretty nice, with an esplanade (the whole garden is an esplanade by itself) and some events now and then. The only problem is the cost, and there is no option nearby so they take profit of it.

My friend asked for the lemonade (1.50€) and I had a "lilliputian" salad, it had really small doses and made me think of a portuguese sketch where a guy over repeats that he has had a salad consisting of a teeny-weeny tomato and a little leaf of lettuce. They were common ingredients and didn't justify the 6€ (only the salmon, but it wasn't that much). At 9pm they didn't have bread for toasts, I was a little puzzled by this.

Well, but anyway, minor stuff doesn't matter, the guy was super nice and that is always a reason to return for a coffee or a picnic.

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Torel is open everyday according to the weather conditions and the season. In the Summer vacations it is usual to be open until midnight or 2 in the morning, mainly on weekends.

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