May 26, 2012

Salla de Estar

If you go to Lisbon you CANNOT miss Sintra. There are some sweet spaces in between the jagged streets. Salla de Estar reminds me of Wanli mixed with the Chinese Pavillion (a very interesting fancy place in the center).

The entrance hall gives access to both up and down floor. This down floor seems to be the most lively one, with a snooker table, the bar, a piano, and a tv set.

On the top floor we have wonderful view for the menu written on the sides and for the bald heads of the passing by people.

The velvet curtains give it a burlesque look and we only expected some vintage looking woman to come from there and dance for us.

This is a hodgepodge of styles! Bottle packages are floating on the wall, Chaplin is there, Heineken stuff everywhere including even a beer fountain, vintage "posters" on the walls, paintings with no special criteria, equestrian material, music discs, plates, books, nautical stuff, art nouveau wall pattern, whoa!


The toast degustation moment was particularly interesting. Me and my friend asked for a chicken and tuna sandwiches. But they traded them. Worst part is: we didn't notice! In our defense, tuna is a meaty fish, and with mayonnaise on top, I mean... Could happen!

Well but they're pretty big and delicious and only 3.50€ each. They had a fish shape and reminded me of a delicious dessert from the north city of Trancoso called sardinhas doces (sweet sardines).

Overall this is a kickass place to visit when you are in Sintra and I totally recommend it.

Couldn't find the schedules of this place but ask away on facebook!

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