May 26, 2012

2 ao Quadrado

After Café Saudade closed the door at midnight, we decided to look for something else. The owner of the place felt a bit bad for sending us away and suggested 2 ao Quadrado (2 squared).

This is the classic bar. Noisy, with a little cheapness touch to it (we call it "tascas", but this was not quite) and you can feel the comradeship between the people that frequent this place.

The posters on the walls are amazing ice-breakers, and I always thought the more stuff a place has, more conversation topics you can pull out of the bag. Well, I am not insinuating people need them but it is always interesting to look around and comment. SAY IT!

They have cool prices, but not so cool people (at least for me). A three ingredient toast is 2.60€ (you can choose from mushrooms, ham, cheese and tomato). A mini beer is 1€, a mug with double is 1.90€, a Licor Beirão is 2.50€ and a port wine is 2€. They even have half doses for half price.

Here I drew a cat and baptized it, if you see it there, send a picture for Tarzan Urbano/Urban Tarzan e-mail given on the left column, I would love to check if it's still present.

Monday to thursday from 18h to midnight and fridays and saturdays from 18h to 2h.

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