May 10, 2012

Café da Gulbenkian


Gulbenkian library is a place where a lot of students take refuge to work. It has everything needed for a perfect study session: individual space, plugs for everyone, books for consultation, café, restaurant, esplanade where people can relax and smoke a cigarette, and it is situated in the middle of a big garden where you can lay belly up and take a nap.

The most boring thing is that they know we are dependent of the library, so they rise the prices for the meals. A small coffee with milk is 1.5€ and a smallish little cup with a dessert was 3€. The sweet dessert was good but the price takes away a little bit of the enjoyment. If it would cost 50 cent that would taste amazing. For 3€ I expect royal quality.


The galão story made me remind of a new product: powdered galão from Nescafé. My problem with it is that you do it by adding milk to the package content. But if normal powdered coffee with milk is already galão, where does this differ? Aare making us look stupid by saying: join coffee to milk and you will have coffee with milk! The powdered cappuccino, for example, is done with water.

And they call it the original galão! What do they mean original? Should I invent the original ham and cheese toast?


Gulbenkian esplanade is pretty nice but you ought to be careful with the sneaky crumb stealing birds as they can fly and inch short to your scalp.

Open from tuesday to sunday, from 10h to 17:45.


  1. tinha de ser dito..

  2. Sublime cara Curlis, Sublime! Eu não diria melhor!