May 22, 2012

Pois, Café

"Pois..." is though to translate but it is one of the most commonly used portuguese words. It is better understood through examples I guess:

- And do you have money to do all that?
- Pois... Esse é o problema (Well... That is the problem).

It is kind of a confirmation/agreement/acknowledgement of what others said:

- But you can't make an omelet without eggs!
- Pois!!! Foi o que eu disse! (Exactly!!! That was what I said!)

Pois, Café has austrian owners, austrian stuff, and a portuguese soul. Arriving to Lisbon they were faced with this portuguese filler word, and that was the sure name for the place. So "pois" is crucial. If you find this word is missing in your language, we can start aiming for an universal mix.


They have some of the best toasts in Lisbon in terms of flavor and creativity. I love the Romy (bacon, leek, honey curry sauce, arugola, purple cabbage, carrot and pepper) and I ask for it all the time because there is no better! However it has become more expensive with time (6.90€). It is justifiable though.

This is an awesome place for erasmus, and also to study or work (sometimes can become noisy though). Imagine this: feeling the summer breeze and working while eating an apfelstrudel. And speaking of those, I met a weird german character named Malte who taught me to say it correctly, here is some precious knowledge for you.

I took a little excert from Lifecooler website because I found it interesting so I will translate it:

The tables are inspired in the cities that give them name. This way, we have Buenos Aires, a corner with sofas and little tables, a feel-at-home vibe; Marrakech, a high couch between three walls with a breakfast-in-bed table in the middle - perfect for tea; Vienna, crafted wood and the only one with the chairs all of the same type, good for meals. The remaining ones are Sydney, Moscow and Fiji.

I specially love Marrakech, we have to eat in a less conventional way and that brings a fun factor to it: crossed legs, table on the knees. I had a wonderful dinner here before Filho da Mãe concert. I recommend you to check this guy.

Pois is part of the Bookcrossing community and all the books can be replaced with you own.

Facebook / Website
Go to their website for weekly menu.
Pois is open from 11h to 22h everyday except monday.

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