May 21, 2012

Arte e Manha (closed) (now: Sagrada Família)

It is not the most obvious place, but it is one of the most multifunctional ones. Food, events and workshops, something new everyday announced in the calendar.

On the first floor you can enjoy some calmer music while you eat, or you can pay 5€ and go downstairs for the bigger concerts. Beware that the drinks are not cheap, my martini was 3.5€. This basement is a little bit Bacalhoeiro style (another cool place you should definitely go). I came to see this concert.

The space is open from wednesday to monday from 11h to 6h, and tuesday from midday to 15h.
The kitchen is open for lunch from midday to 16h and for dinner from 19h to 3h.
Snack-bar works form 8h to 4h.

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