May 15, 2012

Espaço Tintin

First thing coming in we notice a "one step higher" space with three or four tables and a wall decorated with a whole lot different colored post-its praising the place and the Tintin character. To the left there are two mini sofas paired with a moroccan table next to a very small corridor with bar like chairs. Near the counter there is some bigger tables and down the stairs is the Tintin store with merchandizing.

There is also a top floor. This space opens at 20h and it's kind of a loungy mezzanine where you can smoke sheesha for 5€ (or so they said but seems too cheap). Cocktails are also around 5€.


The food here was inspiring. I use this word when it makes me want to repeat it at home. One of the times I've been here I ate the italian toast with cheese, ham, tomato and olives (3.60€), which is small for a guy I can say. And the other time I had a wrap with fresh cheese (portuguese thing, don't know how to translate it), walnuts, lettuce and arugola (3.50€). This initiated me in the wrap world.
My friend also asked for an ice-cream cup with 2 scoops (2.10€).

For drinking I wasn't always lucky, the lemonade (1.30€) was weird and it had no sugar, so I added but I was so eager to drink it that it ended up not melting and I just drank a kind of acid watery thing.

As for the cold tea it was wonderful and I didn't even know I liked cold tea. The galão (1.40€), well, it is hard to go wrong on this.

An amazing thing for hard workers is that there are sockets everywhere, good internet access and amazing schedule. Maybe it gets a little far for most people but at least it is near the metro. But, I must say, I never was a fan of the Tintin comics or movies. I always preferred this little fellows instead.

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Open mondays to thursdays from 8:30h to midnight, fridays from 8:30h to 2h, saturdays from 9:30 to 2h and sundays from 9:30h to midnight.

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