Jun 4, 2012

Bake the Difference (closed)

Note: There was a website and a facebook before, but Bake the Difference disappeared without a trace, lets take a moment of silence for vegan food

Super hidden behind the biggest avenue in Lisbon, it is only found by the ones that look for it. This is the only totally vegan bakery in Lisbon, it has no traces of animal products, and they make sure of it.

According to the girl, this is hard work because most of the soy derivative products do contain some animal traces (eggs, milk, honey), so they have to do a deep search and order it from specialized places, or else they will risk compromising their personal beliefs and ideologies.

It was really nice talking to this girl. She is a vegan since very little, so it is like a different world where sausage as a meat product doesn't exist. So she can easily say something like: "I'm going to have pasta with sausages". Non vegans take this info in a different way, because in our context the sausage is a meat product.

She shared more interesting knowledge: everything in big doses is bad for you, including soy. Soy milk everyday is to avoid and soy derivatives should be taken 3 or 4 times a week. Other meat substitutes can include beans or lentils. Food for thought.


We asked for a small smoked tofu pie with veggies and the famous carrot cake. We shared the pie and when we were getting ready to start the carrot cake... Here comes the girl running like crazy "DON'T EAT THAT CAKE!", she stole the plate and ran away with it.

After this surrealist situation in which we were thinking that there was poison in there, she explained that the cook forgot to add sugar, so it was tasting a lot different, and as it was the house special, they didn't want to compromise.

They offered us something in exchange and we chose the lemon muffin with poppy seed. Nothing special, oh well. At least I have a weird story to tell.

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