Jun 4, 2012

Miradouro de Monte Agudo (2)

You can find the first post about this place here.

I noticed some differences after coming here a second time: the music was not so zen, now it was a Keith Jarrett half hour composition, and they had new chairs. But other than that, the rest remained. All the stuff, the weird people and the dogs, lots of dogs.

The owner kept his usual je ne sais quoi, appearing not to notice the clients. But that doesn't bother me really, it looks genuine, it gives some soul to the place. He even dared to make a weird face when I asked a coffee with milk after my capilé drink. He was right! I drank half a liter of each, I felt like puking afterwards. How could I guess the galão was GIANT. Next time I will take his advice.

The prices are amazing for the quantities. The capilé is not as good as the one in the Lisbon Kiosks, but it was cheaper. I also photographed the menu for extra information. Please use google translator as my fingers are hurting from translating all this stuff today.


And of course we cannot finish the visit without gazing the landscape from the viewpoint. It is not my total favorite view, but is damn good already.

Some side notes: Parking the car near this place is quite hard, so consider yourself warned and come by public transportation, also, they have a bathroom on the left side of the kiosk, ask for it if you also are drinking a litter of liquid like me.

Open everyday from 11:30h to sunset, as the menu says. Or everyday except monday from midday to 20h as the facebook says. Trust what you want!

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