Jun 14, 2012

Alface Hall

There are many things which we can use to rate a place and an experience and that I always take in consideration. I don't write them in a paper, it is kind of an emotional process. So they are:
- Physical space (architecture/design/concept);
- The place where it is located on the map (the area);
- The people that belong there (and their niceness);
- The food (but maybe less relevant);
- The company I take with me (can turn a bad place in a wonderful experience);
- The extras (music, events, games, interactive stuff).

When all these requirements are fulfilled we know we are in a perfect place. We feel it. And this place nailed it.

First time I came by accident. We passed by it and the wonderful free jazz lured us inside. We asked for a cocktail that was a mix of lemon ice-cream with vodka. They let us try first which was pretty awesome, and served it after it had our approval. They won me completely, so I quickly planned my return.

The second time, I came back for a working session, we got to talk a little bit with the bartender and we got some neighborhood knowledge (they want to close the convenience stores at 20h to stop the botellón).


Between tables and sofas, we can chose what best fits us: are we drinking? Eating? Jazzing? Or working?

It is incredible the number of details of Alface Hall and the ways they use the material. The t-shirts, instead of being shown in a boring way are hanging like drying clothes and help to fill the empty space left by the high ceilings.

Over the door there is a motorcycle, and there are also some old gas pumps, telephones, bottles, radios, cameras, dolls, and the barber chairs (my favorite detail, no doubt about it).

I asked for a ham and brie toast, it was the best toast I have ever eaten. For 4.50€, I don't care really, any price, feed me this. Then the jazz started around 21h and I was in heaven.

Before leaving I decided to leave them a gift, and so my first cat from a small series was born. The Alface Cat (yes, that is a lettuce, sorry).


This place also ends up being more multicultural as it is connected to a hostel. You can hear english frequently. It is also near the erasmus corner (if I am not mistaken).

Funny how the word hostel creates by itself a kind of erasmus world where freely socializing is normal. We don't randomly talk to people in cafés, we have our folks, but we do it in a hostel, we are more polite and have more guts to ask some questions and they are somewhat well received.

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