Jun 18, 2012


The ceiling was one thing that I think characterized the place. It is a stained glass with an intricate pattern filled with flowers, some animals and an inca touch. One of three different light sources that prevail, giving it a more ostentatious aura.

There is also natural light coming from the windows and an orange hue coming from the lamps, it ends up being a mix of different light sources and color. Giving it a gloomy but imposing feel.

The mysterious snail stairs to the basement make me wonder if they have concerts, or if they are hiding some sort of goblin down there. Further investigation is needed. Maybe they have concerts with goblins.

There was also a checkers game nearby but it was incomplete, games don't survive in coffee places for long.


I had the usual and my friend asked for açaí. Açaí is the new trend in fruit, it comes from Brazil and it is said to be super nutritive. It arrives to us as a pulp already (that is why it has such a high price). It looks like chocolate ice-cream but tastes like red fruit yogurt with porridge, go figure, it is really good.

Monday to thursday from 11h to 22h. Fridays and saturdays from 11h to midnight. Sundays from 12h to 19h.

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