Jun 22, 2012

Miradouro do Adamastor (Adamastor's Viewpoint)

This is actually called Miradouro de S. Catarina (Saint Catarina's Viewpoint), but it got the nickname of Adamastor due to the statue that is place in the little garden that here lies. This is undoubtedly the most unusual sightseeing place. It may not have a weird owner, but the people that come here are so diverse they make any artist feel totally ordinary. At night, it gets completely crowded.

It is impossible to leave without a funny story, whether some crazy guy comes to tell us all his life, or a bunch of welsh people decide to have a bachelor party semi naked and taking beer baths, while the husband-to-be talks with us smiling, apologizing the fact the we had to see him drunk into super mario dungarees:

We're not from England! We are Welsh, and we couldn't care less about them and football. Kinda like Portugal and Spain. You know soccer? We are all soccer players!


The best thing here for me is the sangria, so refreshing, the prices are amazing: 1€ (small, 22cl), 1.5€ (medium, 33cl) and 2€ (big, 50cl), same for beer. They also have tasty salty pastry for around 1€ each, which means with 2.5€ you get a nice little lunch while contemplating a wonderful view. The toast is 4€ and can be shared by two not-so-hungry people.

When I went there last time someone decided to give a red heart to the monster, it was an initiative called Aqui Bate um Coração (A heart beats here).

Open everyday from 10h to 4h.

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