Jun 24, 2012

Banana Café Kiosk

The rehabilitation of the Liberdade avenue kiosks is one of the things that made me happier these last days. I walk this path a lot of times to go to the center, down from Marquês. You can take a peek at all this fancy places and drool a bit seeing people eating all sorts of good looking food (20€ brunch in Ad Lib).

Now I have yet another reason to do this by foot. I like to see the kiosks full of life. Little by little Lisbon is healing its wounds, baby steps, we are getting there.


Banana Café repeats itself, one near Marquês and another one near the Restauradores, I went to this last one. They have HUGE toasts that you can even split by three people and they are 3.50€ (but not the best in the world). The cold tea is 1.80€ (it was pretty nice). The salads and pies are also good.

Each kiosk has its personality. My idea initially was to go to Time Out Kiosk and hear some jazz by the Hot Club students, but due to facebook divulgation, it was completely full. Anyway, getting some sun and fresh air in either one is priceless.

Open everyday from 10h to 2h.

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