Jun 17, 2012

Royale Café

Some time ago I decided that I deserved a big lunch, even if it was over my student budget. So I did two firsts: Royale Café and polvo à lagareiro (a super tender octopus recipe with roasted potatoes). It was 10.85€, which is cheap for what it was, it was freaking delicious.


Recently I returned to Royale but my throat was so bad and so full of aphtae I could only eat liquids. A beet soup for 3.30€ it's not the cheapest thing but I was starving. We ate inside but there is a small balcony/esplanade on ground level surrounded by a wall of vines. I am specially fond of the porcelain animals that decorate the place.

The fun factor of the day was seeing a little kid hammering the floor with his dad iphone (or similar). Adorable ingenuity!

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