Mar 31, 2012

Boulangerie by Stef

In the middle of the sirens and car horns, technical electricity problems and children screaming, it was possible to be in a nice and strangely pleasant atmosphere on the table near the window. Today I decided to try one of the croissants that make this house famous and, no wonders here, they were a-m-a-z-i-n-g! You don't need butter at all, butter is for weak people, bread has taste!... Well, ok, I added a bit of butter because I couldn't resist it. Crunchy, small, in a little basket, warm.

I usually take a galão with sweetener but this time there wasn't any, which makes sense since the place tries to convey its authenticity, flavors are real, no artificial stuff. This authenticity also goes for the typical french arrogance, it had to be present (don't take me wrong, french people, for me, have a lot of reasons to feel superior, so it is a justified snobbism).

They are not the most communicative people but one thing is for sure: the fact that different jams are in different tables helps to initiate conversation with people around you, this is a trading business, my pear jam for you apricot one!


Before paying the bill (2.40€ for a croissant and a café au lait), I was able to try the bread with olives in olive oil they were giving out for free. At 15h the house is full but in the end of the afternoon the poor souls wandered away, and so did the bread and bakery products.

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