Mar 27, 2012


Every time I go to Tuareg we have the same ritual, a new hookah flavour (today was watermelon and lemon), a new tea flavour (today was a cocktail of red fruits) for one friend, a new milkshake flavour (vodka and red fruits, called Magreb) for another, a new cocktail flavour for me (irish coffee, for 2.5€).

Well, excluding my coffee, everything was perfect. We nailed it completely. Dimmed lights, comfortably sitting on moroccan chairs or pillows, this place heals everything other than your pocket.


The hookah was 9€, divided by three people (plus 3€ for each new charcoal, and 3 more if you want alcohol in it). All alcoholic milkshakes are 5€ and the teas are 2.50€. Nights here never last that long because we need to catch the last metro home, but no one says you need to arrive at dawn to have a good night.

Note: they have one of those "pee while you dance" bathrooms, where the light goes off if you don't move, so you have to awkwardly wave.

Facebook from Chiado's Tuareg Al-Andaluz
Open mondays and wednesdays from 15h to 24h and thursdays and saturdays from 17h to 2h in the morning. Telheira's Tuareg (the one mentioned in this post) it is open everyday form 20h to 2h in the morning.

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