Mar 26, 2012

Café da Dança/Mezzanine

Café da Dança (Dance Café) or Mezzanine, as we call it, is one of the last good spots in Algés. This was a popular area back in the days when our parents or grandparents were students. People got together in some cafés to study, talk or draw, a bit like the greek baths. Nowadays, unfortunately, the spirit got a bit lost, but there are still some students gathering here, after all, it is next to the library.

I ate a mini calzone of cheese and tomato (1.50€), sided by a coffee with milk that we call galão (1.10€), as a dessert I shared two crêpes: chocolate (2.50€) and cinnamon, lemon and sugar (2€), both sided with whipped cream. My friend had a merenda (don't know how to translate it) of ham and cheese (1.30€).

Mezzanine has a wonderful balcony that materializes the concept of spring evenings. It's a delicious feeling, and so are their crêpes.

Open from 11h to midnight.

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