Mar 25, 2012

Café Tati

As in... Jacques Tati aficionados! The environment is the one expected: a french touch, we fall right into an Amelie Poulain movie, spying discretely on her soulmate, sat on the next table with his back turned to her.

The place is well organized, you have places to read a book and take a coffee or to have a more serious meal. They also have children's drawings and some toys and games to play with.


We shared two different toasts, a broccoli and carrot one, costing 6.5€, and one with eggplant, honey and crunchy walnuts, for 6€. Pleasant, but not fenomenal, they come with a side salad, tomato and sesame seeds. They also have a 10€ brunch on weekends. I am still hungry.

Salads are about 7€ and so is the plat-du-jour, soup is 2.5€ (today they had zucchini soup). They also have a fancy tea list, but I am a coffee person so I lack the information about this part.

Open from tuesday to sunday, from 11h to 1h in the morning.

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