Jul 12, 2012

Orpheu Caffé

The wallpaper hits you in the face the moment you go in: it fits like a glove. We decided to sit one a big table near the entrance with enough space for working. Lana del Rey was playing on repeat for the four hours we were there, I wanted to kill myself.

Orpheu was a vanguard magazine in which participated a lot of personalities from the beginnings of the XX century that are part of the portuguese cultural history. 

The space is amazing and so is the service: when we asked if they could cut the toasts in three parts they actually brought three plates each with the two toast parts in it.

The esplanade seemed cool but we ended up staying inside (sockets!). Reminded me of Royale Café in a way, an open air isolated area, an inside/outside, I love this kind of paradox spaces.


The drinks come in large sizer (yes!). I never shared a drink before but they made it possible. We split a lemonade with groselha (redcurrant juice) and a mazagran. If you start with the sweet groselha/lemonade, then the mazagran will be kind of a disappointment, because the sweetness is already taking over your mouth and it will taste too watery and plain. Later my friend asked for an orange juice with rooibos (I think that was it). Kind of weird I must say.

As for the food, the first toast was so good it disappeared quickly form everyones' plates and I didn't photograph it. It had tuna paste, tomato and cucumber (5.50€). The other one had eggplant, goat cheese and marmelade, slightly stuffy and less good but still yummy. It was around 6.90€.

They also have a lunch menu for 8€ (soup + mini dish + café) and a summer menu for 6.5€ (soup + salad). Well, not to mention cakes, scones, pastries, brownies, all looking at us with their baky eyes.

Tuesdays to saturdays from 11h to midnight and sunday from 11h to 20h. Closes on mondays.

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