Jul 16, 2012

Ó-Chá (closed)

I've been researching some teahouses to go to. A friend of mine told me about matcha tea and now I am obsessing with it. This thing. Still faithful to coffee though, I am not a tea person, I usually murder it by drinking it cold with sugar or by doing it on the microwave and adding sweetener and milk.


We asked for a smoked salmon and herb cheese toast for 4.80€ and a brie, honey and rosemary one for 4.50€. They also have 7€ menus for those tired of toasts (but really, how can one get tired of that?).

While I was waiting I took the time to look around. Clearly an oriental thematic, except the mad hatter painting, that was solely there due to the "tea party" subject I guess. I love the mad hatter but I prefer it a little bit more darkish and weird.

Well, but then came the toasts, and once again I did the stupid mistake of trying the sweet one first (scrumptious!) and so the salmon's taste became very week as my tongue was already vitiated.

I was also trying to spare money by not drinking anything, but they suggested me a cold tea of ginger, honey and lemongrass (2.50€). It was really good, milkish look and with foam! That was a first.

Ó-Chá is really discrete from the outside, but once inside, it is another world, and that honey toast it worth the go. Take a look at their website because they also sell tea!

Monday to saturday from 12h to 20:30. Closed on sundays.

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