Jul 10, 2012

Nata Lisboa (changed place)

Note: I think this palce changed location so I will put the nearest one to Principe Real

I think I was one of the first to try this (I hope! Finally!). It made some noise when it opened in Principe Real and now it is expanding very quickly! A success history. I actually hard some bad rumors about who could be the one behind this franchising, well, that aside, it is really a nice place, it surprised me in two peculiar aspects:

One: (because I was there to work) there are electricity sockets in the backyard but not inside! This is the total opposite of most coffee shops. Ok, moving on.

Two: The other thing was an interesting and interactive wood sculpture placed in the middle of the garden. The stairs were pretty wobbly and we were scared to death from falling but we did climb, and what it does is that it enables you to see beyond the enormous roof that is obstructing the view at ground level.

It reminds me of a work from the tv show Work of ArtWe were kind of alone so we just started to behave like little kids and tried every single chair and thingie on the garden. We also questioned why was a cactus in the bathtub.


The name is not by accident, the famous pastel de nata is the main item sold on the café.

First time I went there I ate a ham and cheese sandwich (1.65€), a faux pas, maybe... But it tasted like no other, at that time, it was the best thing I could have had. The bread was amazing, the prices are competitive, the service was impeccable (put an emphasis on that). The cold tea was 1.15€. No pictures because it was so good I forgot.

Second time I went there I did try the pastel de nata. Oh mamma. I won't say no more, just go.

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