Jul 4, 2012

Clube Ferroviário

One year ago I watched Real Combo Lisbonense play music here, it was an amazing concert. This is, I think, a more nighty space, but it can be pretty nice in the evening. The sits outside are old plane seats, there is some beautiful light piercing through the nets, blankets for cold nights, a foosball table and a projection screen (rooftop cinema anyone?)

But if you don't have a car and you live in the suburbs, this may look a bit boring to access. If you want to eat something cheap, this may seem overpriced. And if you want to get drunk, well, don't come here and go to Bairro Alto. This is the problem: the price. We are no kings, we had to share a toast and still we paid 3€ for HALF. Note: a salty muffin is the same price as half sandwich.

Stating the obvious: whoever comes has some money. When we asked the size of the sandwiches the woman open the palm of her hands and described a not very convincing diameter. We told her we wanted to share, she said that they were not that big but if we were hungry we could ask another one.

Hello?! That is why we are sharing one in the first place! Not because I am fat or something.

Then there was the pão polar (polar bread) problem. They can't cut it in half, so we had to ask for another bread. For what I paid, it was disappointing, it had chicken, tomato, lettuce and mayonnaise and it came with a mixed lettuce salad with pineapple. I hope that polar bread would have made this a magnificent and exotic sandwich.


I was hard on food but I really like Clube Ferroviário, I understand that its pricey menu includes the view and all the managing costs that they have to spend to maintain the place. So if you have money what makes sense is to go there and have some savories of different kinds.

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