Jul 18, 2012


This place doesn't seem to have the sophistication touch that some places have with their comfy sofas and weird objects. Contrarily to the more modern spaces, Frutalmeidas, with more than 30 years, lives from the elders tradition, our parents came here for a little break, to sit down and eat something and maybe do some grocery shopping before heading home.

My father still remembers coming here, it is interesting when people open their eyes and say excited "Ooooh! That place!!". You feel you just brought up an old memory. I like it when people still conserve the taste of youth on their tongues and kind of return to it momentarily by remembering a flavour.


They had an enormous variety of juices and as the weather was heating up I had two of them (watermelon and plum) for 1.50€ each and a pastry for 1.20€. This is the Santini of juices I must say. My friend got an almond pie (1.75€). There wasn't much to chose from in terms of chewables. Maybe 17h was already too late.

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Open from mondays to saturdays from 8h to 20h.
Also located on Rua Pedro Nunes, 25, 1050 Lisboa.

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