Aug 2, 2012

Os Tibetanos

I dragged my vegetarian-food-resistant father to this restaurant and he loved it. Vegetarian food is yummy but sometimes there is a chance that if it is not cooked so good it will taste all very bland.We asked for three different dishes: Momos, which was some kind of tibetan fried pastries with seitan; tofu stake, with goat cheese and pesto; and finally something which consisted on fried mushrooms.

The deserts were amazing, even though I don't like strawberries, the Mont Blanc cheesecake with strawberry puré was super delicious and I regretted immediately that I didn't asked for it. I tried to find the internet recipe but without success. The requeijão (type of cheese, don't know how to translate it) and papaya tart was also good, and the chocolate cake... Well, it's chocolate.

It was a really nice evening. They have a covered backyard with some waterfallish elements and there is also a place to have meditation classes but I don't know if it was working at that time.

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Open from mondays to fridays from 12:15h to 15:45h for lunch, and from 19:30h to 23:00h for dinner. The saturday schedules are from 12:45h to 16:15h and from 20h to 23:30h.

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