Sep 17, 2012

Goethe Café (closed?)

This place is in the Goethe Institute but it is more specifically located on an open air garden inside the building. The meal place is an adorably colorful kiosky thing. There are a lot of tables to sit in, including some near a projection screen.

In there is a fountain, a hammock (not suitable for big swings I guess), and some very interesting mosaic artwork on which this girl took part.

This is probably the only place in Portugal where they celebrate Oktoberfest by the way, and the only one with Paulaner beer.


Today's vegetarian dish was leek-à-brás (like our traditional dish with codfish but a vegetarian version instead: leek, eggs and chips) that costed around 6€. And I also asked for a lemon-verbena, mint and orange cold tea (1.5€). Approved. My friend asked for a chicken salad (5.80€) and next to us some other dishes were served like stuffed potatoes and the traditional sausages.

One thing I enjoyed a lot was that the girl in the kiosk trusted me to go to the bank to take some money. You cannot pay by card and she just let me go although it was the first time she saw my face. Isn't it nice to know you can still trust people?

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